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Feeling toasty at The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough!

How was it ah?

Restaurant Name: The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough Cuisine: Western Bakery Average Price per Person: SGD 8 Location: Botanical Garden, Singapore Recommendations: Peanut Butter and Honey Toast

Ratings (out of 5): 2.5 Taste: 3 Creativity/Authenticity: 3 Atmosphere: 3 Service: 3 Bang for Buck: 4

Shiok !!!

I honestly can't downplay my sister's love for bread even if I try.

She's really living that #BreadLyfe all day err day.

So when I found out about The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough, I was so excited. Finally I'm that cooler older sister with the low down of the dopest bread place in town. Fret not baby sis, I'll hook you up.

When we reached The Bakery, the menu won us over. Almost everything we saw was vegetarian! Wow what a place. We settled for the Peanut Butter & Honey Toast (SGD 5) as well as the Pea & Hummus Sandwich (SGD 8). We even threw in a cup of latte (SGD 4.5) in the mix. This breakfast scene is about to be lit.

We've just settled onto a small table at the far end of the cafe when the peanut butter toast arrived. At first glance it looked like an atas peanut butter toast. Seems promising. My sister took the first bite and she nodded slowly.

"It's good," she said. She passed the toast to me.

Now you must understand, at this point I was so hyped about this place, the optics is good, the people friendly, the lighting good, I wanted so badly for this toast to be amazing. I took a bite.

Right off the bat, the mouthfeel was off for me. The peanut butter and honey combination while good on paper, overpowered the taste of the bread.

A good bread, I think, tastes good with anything.

A great bread tastes amazing on it's own. Slathering butter on a great slice of bread seems like a crime, maybe thats why the Italians kept it simple with just oliver oil and balsamic vinegar, you don't really need anything else.

The flavour I had no problem with. The honey was a good quality honey, the peanut spread was amazing on its own, but somehow together it missed the mark. It was too much, it was like a song on too much auto tune. I was too busy struggling with the thick peanut butter stuck on the roof of my mouth to appreciate the texture of the bread. The bread was hidden in the background, I couldn't even taste it.

The Pea & Hummus sandwich arrived about 5 minutes later, which I later found a little bit perplexing since it was ready made and displayed on the counter. Maybe it was heated up? I touched the sandwich, it wasn't.

I lifted the sandwich for a closer look, trying to take a peek at the ingredients inside, it was a medley of beautiful green layers of pea, hummus, ricotta cheese and rocket leaves.

To be honest I was a little bit disappointed that the sandwich was a bit of on the cold (and slightly hard) side, I'm cheap, I'm kind of expecting that if I paid SGD 8 for a sandwich, it's gonna work a little bit harder for me. But the flavours won me over. The spices in the pea and hummus mix was great, it's clear that there was an attempt to make it more than just a plain sandwich. My sister commented that it reminds her a little bit of Indian flavours in it, I have to agree, for a vegetarian sandwich this is pretty fresh.

I was looking forward to pair the remainder of my sandwich with the cup of latte, and again sadly, I was a little bit disappointed. I went into the cafe to ask if it's on the way, only to be met with the staff's confused look. It seems like they forgot. The cafe was on the quiet side, the cashier who served me was smoking outside. For a neighbourhood cafe, I expected them to be more attentive to their customers. But hey, everyone have their off day.

Will I come back to The Bakery? Sadly, probably not. The location was too out of the way for me. The flavours, though good wasn't special enough for me to want to trudge through Singapore to eat again. It seems like the hunt for a great bread place in Singapore is still on.


10 Jalan Serene, #01-05 Serene Centre, 258748

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