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I chose the #CheeseLyfe and built my own Mac and Cheese

Not gonna lie, when I first heard of this place, I immediately planned to go the next day. Build your own furniture? Checked. Build your own salad? Checked. Build your own Mac and Cheese? Sign me up!

How can someone not love mac and cheese? The macaronis, the cheese, the slow mo. Even though this it's usually a dish served at home or more frequently at the hostels by starving students, a cafe in Singapore had decided to upgrade this classic.

Located strategically at Sunshine Plaza, the cafe was packed with lunch goers when I visited . The cafe is cozy with a few high tables inside.

One step into the store and you're immediately greeted by their extensive menu. Now at this point you're probably thinking:

"How the hell do you pimp up a Mac and Cheese?"

And all I can say is that:

Check out the breakdown:

1. Choose your size (here's a tip: Small, in this case, is enough ladies. The takeaway box is jammed packed to the brim with mac, cheese, and all the extra bits you want) it comes in Small ($6) and Regular ($7.50)

2. Choose your mac. Other than the OG macaroni, you have a range of pastas to choose from.

3. Choose your cheese. Not feelin' cheddar? They have gouda and feta cheese to mix it up.

4. Choose your toppings. This is where your mac and cheese get truly pimped out. Sausage, bacon, or truffle oil? Have it all!

Bonus points: The Big Cheese is both halal and vegetarian friendly!

Since this is my first time here, I took inspiration from the All American Mac and Cheese that they had and added a sunny side up egg and some crispy beef bacon. While waiting I overheard a lot of regulars going for different toppings. I guess that's the reason why a lot of build-your-own places has been sprouting up in Singapore. The ability to customise and personalise your own meal is not only fun, but it makes sure it gets you exactly what you want.

When it arrived, the takeaway box, just like the shop, was packed. Pulling up the egg reveals the cheesy, gooey, mac and cheese layers underneath. The mac and cheese itself is definitely very sinful, though I wished I ordered a different cheese base. The cheddar is a classic, but it felt a bit normal to me.

The other thing that I wished was a little different is how they cooked the egg, a runnier yolk will mix better with the cheese I thought. Because cheese + egg yolk can't go wrong, ammiright.

I also ordered a snack, called Toasties ($5), which are basically a combination of puff pastries, mozzarella cheese center, and a nacho cheese dip.

Needless to say that in the end I got a really big cheese coma and probably will lay off MAC and cheese for a couple of weeks.

Final verdict? The Big Cheese is definitely something different and it has a horde of loyal following. The fast food aspect of their dish combined with their affordable and customisable nature, definitely attracts the student crowds nearby (I spotted a lot of NAFA and SOTA students) if I do come back here I will definitely try different cheese and toppings for my mac and cheese.

The Big Cheese Address: 91 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189652

Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm (Closed on Monday)


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