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Is the new KFC Mac 'N Cheese Kentaco freaking genius? - A Review

People say you've got to dream big in life and I’ve gotta be honest, when I first set up Stay Fullish to write about my love of food, one of my dreams has gotta be to being invited to a KFC food tasting.

If you don’t know yet, I am a hardcore lover of fried chicken. And yes, I know, I know, everyone have their favourites but fried chicken gotta be mine. Rain or shine, diet or no diet fried chicken will honestly always be my numero uno in life. You can probably go as far to say that fried chicken is my first love in life. From the first crunch, is sparked a thrill deep in my heart.

Though my love for fried chicken never wavered, sadly with the arrival of covid, my writing for Stay Fullish slowed down. I was sad about it to be honest, eating and talking about food has always been my favourite past times. So when I received the invite from KFC to talk about their latest menu update, I thought what would be better way to start writing about food again other than writing with my best love in life: fried chicken.

Kentaco - love at first crunch

When KFC first came out with Kentaco, my first thought was “How did no one thought of this before??” This seems like a no brainer, what’s better than taco? Well, KFC has the answer, it’s fried chicken in the shape of a taco.

While the OG version of the Kentaco features what you would imagine a taco would have (cabbage and cheese and more cheese) the newly updated Kentaco 2.0 brought food genius to another level. KFC in the moment of pure brilliance said to themselves, “you know what let’s add mac and cheese up in this bish”

The Kentaco Glow Up aka “Holy shit this is f*cking genius”

So there I was at the tasting, trying to push down the excitement and not be a total fried chicken nerd, I feel the heart-fluttering joy that's compounded with excitement. Filled with the knowledge that I am in exactly the right place. Let's be honest, having fried chicken is nothing new. How many new ways can someone conjure up the magic of presenting the fried chicken in a whole new way? Well KFC is that guy, they have found a way.

KFC Mac 'N Cheese Kentaco ($6.95)

When I took a bite of the new kentaco I was like “Ok Queennnn, she has arrived! She’s serving crunchiness, she’s serving cheese, she’s serving golden glowing tanned skin”

The wonderfully crispy and hot KFC chicken was beautifully sculpted the the taco “u” shape which I gotta say it’s almost an architectural feat in itself.

The serving of mac and cheese was so generous and monumentally cheesy. It’s just so fucking good ok. One bite of this thing is definitely not enough. So there I was busily wolfing the Kentaco and taking bites of Mac and cheese in between while slurping the coke that came with the meal, because #multitasking. Honestly, I want it all. I want every bite of the chicken, give me that juicy covered with gooey cheddar goodness.

KFC Golden Cheddar Wedges ($3.40)

The one item that stole my heart though, was the New KFC Golden Cheddar Wedges. This wedge, I'm not kidding, is a fucking genius because they made a DENT in the middle of the wedges. My mind and tastebuds were honestly blown. Since each of the wedges are coated with generous helping of cheddar cheese sprinkle, the dent actually helps it to catch and hold more of the sprinkles.

GUYS, please you need to order this with everything and anything you get from KFC moving forward.

The verdict - it’s fucking good ok

I mean from the get go we kind of know how this story will end. Fried chicken and mac and cheese, what could be possible go wrong? The hot crispy skin played off the hot and cheese mac and cheese juicy, creamy texture. It was as if I've died and brought back a piece of crunchy, cheesy heaven.

KFC has once again hailed as the magician of the fried chicken. If there's a language that only fried chicken speaks, they'll be fluent in it. They've somehow romanced the fried chicken with an impeccable dose of mac and cheese and made it work.

Will I try it again? Well that's for damn sure. But to be honest I'm so excited for what KFC have in store next for Kentaco. More cheese? More chicken folded inside another chicken? An ultra spicy version that will make you forget your own name? All I know is that I can't wait.

Go try out the new KFC Kentaco now, #BecauseUCan


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